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Bay Addition - Leeds


To completely update the front façade of the house without going through an architect and making major structural changes and to completely modernise the property. 

After 1 or 2 design consultations both parties were happy with a total re-work of the front facade including changing all the window sizes upstairs to make better use of the light and practicality of the windows. Whereas downstairs we introduced a new roof system all the way across and a completely new bay window for the living area. The original facade had minimal amounts of insulation and so we managed to introduce 100ml of insulation throughout the front of the property to increase the thermal efficiency.

Carrying out a small amount of brick work, we created the bay window which made a really attractive feature still allowing a significant amount of light in.

Overall Result

A modernised property with an aesthetically pleasing façade. The thermal performance has been massively increased, reducing energy bills drastically and keeping the entire house at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

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