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Bay Removal - Pudsey, Leeds


Remove a bay window and replace with floor to ceiling windows and French doors.

This was a tricky one, we were asked to re-design the back of the property as they had a double bay window and instead wanted their living area to be much lighter and not feel as cramped. They had asked for the feel of a conservatory, without building one.

The challenge we faced was to give enough vertical support to carry the bedroom bay above with minimal sight lines downstairs to allow maximum light, so we introduced structural corner posts and re-unforced frames to carry the load above. We'd removed such an amount of insulated wall that we used a high energy rated glass to ensure minimal heat loss.

We removed the bay window and the wall and installed full glass from floor to ceiling which increased the space in the room, introduced more light and transformed it into a more spacious feeling and lighter area with French doors for easier access to their much loved garden whilst not compromising on safety as our doors feature high security locks.  

Overall result

A stunning living space with maximum light and a great view over their outside space even in the depths of winter. 


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