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A conservatory can be a cost effective way to add value and space to any home. Bringing in an abundance of natural light, our conservatories provide a relaxing atmosphere for you and all the family to enjoy.

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Hipco Conservatories

A light and airy occasional room with a multitude of purposes, you can choose from a variety of styles of frames, windows, doors and even roofing. 

Choose from our range of roofing

Solid Roof

The latest innovative technology has now given you the ability to make your conservatory into a permanent all year round structure therefore increasing the value of your property and the saleability. With fast and efficient installation, these highly insulated roof systems deliver time and time again leaving you blown away with their thermal performance and increased privacy. Not only do they conform to building regulations, they are customisable internally and externally with a massive choice of luxury finishes. Guaranteed to be 70% cooler in summer & 90% warmer in winter you will regain control over the temperature in your stunning new room. 

Glass Roof

A glass roof really does bring the outdoors in! Whilst being weather resistant and durable, they have the added benefit of being naturally resistant to weather damage and scratches. Thanks to modern technology, glass roofs can now reduce glare by reflecting the sun and giving better clarity of light. 

Polycarbonate Roof

This low-cost roof is functional, long lasting and lightweight. One of the main advantages to polycarbonate roofing on your conservatory is the ability to block out UV rays. For a more energy efficient option, you can now have the added feature of solar inserts. 


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