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Our doors combine strength and security, with style and thermal efficiency. At Hipco Yorkshire, we feel a door is one of the most important security and design features of any home. Usually on the front façade of your property, your door is the first thing that you and your guests will notice upon arrival.

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Strength & Security

Choosing one has never been easier with our beautiful range of top quality doors from various trusted suppliers. All our doors have the following features, ensuring there is something for every home:

  • Reduce the risk of intruders
  • Attractive glass panels and all the finishing touches 
  • Reduce external noise 
  • Reduce your energy bills 
  • Practically maintenance free
  • All doors come with a 10 year insurance back guarantee
  • Add value and saleability

Range of Doors

What kind of door should you chose? During your consultation, we will listen to your needs and take the time to understand your requirements advising you of the best products to achieve the look and feel you desire. There is a door out there for everyone, we assure you! 

Composite Doors

The newest and most popular addition to the Door industry! Composite doors are made using various materials chosen for their individual qualities to create a more durable, weather resistant, highly secure and tougher door; these doors are almost double the thickness of PVC-u doors and come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Composite doors have brought a whole new level of standard to doors thanks to modern technology.   

Aluminium Doors

The new aluminium systems are a lot more efficient than in previous years and are becoming more desirable due to a slimmer profile and endless design and colour possibilities. They have the advantage of long life and fantastic insulation. Not only are they environmentally friendly and popular for their recyclability; aluminium doors are low maintenance, sleek and stylish state of the art doors with maximum security features and outstanding durability. 

PVC-u Doors

Popular for their affordability, yet varied colours and designs, PVC-u doors are functional yet fashionable with an air of simplicity and practical for all homes. 

Bi-folding Doors

The perfect luxurious addition to any garden facing room to allow maximum light and style. Bi-folding doors are essentially panels that fold up and close neatly against a wall (like a concertina) saving space and allowing you to bring the outside in. 

Patio, French & Sliding Doors

These popular designs will lighten any living space by maximising natural light. Either design will give you excellent ventilation in the warmer months, keep the cold out during winter but still allow the sunshine to flood in. Popular for their practical design and features, they come in a range of styles and sizes to suit all budgets. 

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