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Garage Doors

Now with an unbelievable range and specification of garage doors, giving you more choice than ever, you can chose from 1000’s of designs from our garage door specialists!

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Range of Garage Doors

From your traditional up and overs right through to smart-opening electric doors, we have them all! Offering excellent value for money, these doors can be customised to suit you, ensuring individuality and come with a 10 year warranty.

Insulated Roller Doors

With their superior strength, roller doors will give you long term peace of mind when it comes to the security of your garage. Made with the exceptionally high quality materials, these show-stopper doors ensure smooth operation when opening and closing giving you an increased garage space. With remote controlled operation as a standard, they also feature in-built safety mechanisms for your peace of mind. 

Insulated Sectional Doors

These practical garage doors literally fit into any space, with no “kick-out”. They are made in small sections fastened with hinges which open vertically allowing you up to 3ft extra drive space. What’s more they have an in-built safety mechanism which stops and reverses the door when it detects an obstruction giving you peace of mind when opening and closing. Extremley durable and aesthetically pleasing, these can also be automated for your convenience. 

Up and Over Doors

the classic choice, offers you a galvanised steel garage door in a vast array of colours. This option offers a safe, slick and dependable performance every time. 


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